Puppy Dietary Needs (Chicken Checked Out)

Dogs have been a part of human life for many years, and they can eat various foods that their owners consume. If you have puppies, they need a proper diet to stay healthy and grow into strong adults, and it is up to you to choose the correct food for them. However, considering some foods are safe for us to consume but harmful to puppies, it is important to know what kind of food to give to your puppies and which foods to avoid.

So, can puppies eat chicken? Puppies can eat chicken, which is among the most common ingredients used in making commercial dog foods. Chicken is an excellent source of protein, and you can feed it to your puppies on its own or mix it with other foods.

When you prepare chicken for your puppy, make sure that you have removed all bones from the meat. Chicken bones are a choking hazard, and if your puppy manages to swallow them, they might puncture its digestive tract. You should also avoid feeding your puppies raw chicken to prevent salmonella infection.

If you are interested in feeding your puppies with chicken meat, this is the guide for you. Read on for important dietary information on whether a 2 month old puppy can eat chicken, at what age can Puppies eat chicken, if cooked chicken is ok for puppies, at what age can Puppies eat cooked chicken, if you can feed your puppy chicken everyday, and if 2 month old puppies eat meat.

Puppy age

Most people use commercially produced puppy foods that require no extra supplements to feed their puppies. However, you can run out of puppy food, and the only meal you have in your home is chicken. It might be too late to rush to the pet store and buy puppy food, and you might be wondering if your 2-month-old puppy will eat chicken.

A 2-month-old puppy can eat chicken because, at that age, your puppy has started to develop permanent teeth and can chew solid foods. Chicken meat is soft and tender and is a good starting point before you gradually introduce hard foods as the puppy grows older. You should consult your veterinarian about the portion size because different breeds require different food portions, and your vet will give you accurate advice depending on your breed.

However, you have to remove the bones from the chicken before feeding it to your puppy. Dogs can consume chicken bones, but that does not mean that you offer them to your puppy. Broken chicken bones have sharp edges and can seriously injure your puppy’s mouth or digestive tract.

If you do not want to go through the trouble of removing bones, you can purchase boneless chickens. You should boil the chicken meat to remove disease-causing bacteria and other dangerous pathogens. Do not season the chicken meat because seasoning can be harmful to your puppy’s health. Serve the chicken to your puppy with other meals such as boiled rice or carrots.

Every dog owner hopes their little puppies grow into healthy mature dogs. Providing your puppies with a good diet is one way of guaranteeing your pets will remain healthy, strong, and energetic.

Puppies can eat chicken when they are more than eight weeks old. Puppies usually wean at eight weeks and will have deciduous teeth, which they can use to chew soft foods. Chicken meat is soft; therefore, your puppies will not have any trouble chewing and swallowing it. Puppies can eat raw and cooked chicken; however, most vets recommend that you cook the chicken properly before feeding it to your puppy.

Chicken is very nutritious, but you need to exercise moderation when feeding it to your puppies. Do not make chicken a regular meal for your puppies. Chicken meat contains a high amount of fatty acids, which can cause chronic inflammation if your puppies eat it daily.

You should give your puppies chicken two or three times a month. Chicken also takes longer to digest, and if you feed your puppies chicken meat regularly, they will develop gastrointestinal problems. You should also serve the chicken with other nutritious foods such as vegetables.

Cooked Chicken

Dogs are carnivores, and, in the wild, they will hunt small animals and eat raw meat to survive. As pets, dogs can eat raw chicken, but the debate is still ongoing on whether to feed your puppies raw or cooked chicken.

Cooked chicken is perfect for puppies, as it is much safer because it no longer has disease-causing bacteria such as salmonella. Cooking chicken for your puppies need not be special such as grilling, searing, roasting, or sauteing. All you need to do is boil the pieces of chicken meat in water until it is well cooked, and all the excess fat has come off. You can then serve the chicken meat with other puppy foods or give it a few pieces as a treat and keep the rest for later.

You need to remove bones because they can injure your puppies or choke them. Chicken breast is the best option if you do not have time to remove the bones. Chicken breasts are also great for your puppies because they are only 20% fat and 80% protein. Dogs metabolize cholesterol differently from human beings; therefore, you need not worry about your puppies gaining excess weight unless you overfeed them.

Puppies are always active and energetic during the day and require more food than adult dogs. Therefore, it is important to choose the best food to help your puppies grow, improve their immune system and give them the energy to play and exercise.

Puppies above eight weeks old can eat cooked chicken because they have teeth capable of chewing solid foods. After weaning the puppies, you need to find a new source of nutrition. Chicken is one of the most affordable and easy to prepare puppy foods.

You have to cook the chicken to get rid of harmful bacteria such as salmonella. Do not use additives and seasonings such as salt, oil, garlic, and pepper when cooking the chicken. These seasonings and additives are meant for human consumption, and some of them are toxic to puppies if ingested.

Daily Feeding

Puppies enjoy chicken meat, and it is also nutritious for them. Most dog owners will ask if it is okay to give their puppies chicken each day since some puppies may develop a preference towards chicken and will not eat anything else.

You cannot feed your puppy chicken every day because it will negatively affect its health. Feeding your puppy chicken every day does not provide it with other vital nutrients key for its overall health. Chicken has proteins and amino acids but lacks other vital nutrients and minerals such as vitamins, folate, riboflavin, calcium, iron, and potassium.

If your puppy does not get these nutrients and minerals, it might develop several diseases stemming from a lack of a balanced diet. Chicken also contains a lot of fat, and your puppy will gain excess weight, which will hinder its mobility and develop skeletal and joint problems.

Other risks that your puppies face if they eat chicken every day might include gastrointestinal upset, inflammation of the pancreas, and salmonella infection. You need to consult your vet if your puppies prefer only to eat chicken, and you need to find ways to make them eat other types of food. You should also try mixing chicken with other types of food to help prevent your puppies from developing a taste of chicken meat only.


Dogs may seem omnivores when they live in our homes, but they are carnivores, and meat is an important part of their diet. Puppies will survive on their mother’s milk until they are weaned onto solid foods.

Two-month-old puppies can eat different types of meat such as lean ground beef, chicken, pork, turkey, duck, among others. You first need to know your puppies’ protein needs. Some meats have higher protein content than others, so if your puppies need a high protein-based food, you will know which type of meat to buy.

Beef is the most common meat given to puppies and used to make dog food. Chicken and rabbit have the highest protein content, while duck and bison have the lowest protein content.

You can also try and offer your puppies organ meats from time to time. Some organ meats such as the liver are rich in vitamin A, which can be toxic if consumed regularly. The best organ meats you can feed to your puppies may include beef kidneys, beef lungs, chicken hearts, and chicken gizzards. Not all puppies enjoy organ meats, and some will eat them while others will avoid them.


Chicken meat is the best source of protein for puppies aged eight weeks and above. You should ensure your puppies only eat well-cooked chicken meat with no salt, seasonings, or fat. When serving your puppies, include other foods to obtain a balanced diet. Mixing chicken with boiled rice is not enough to make a balanced diet.

You should add vegetables such as spinach, zucchini, peas, or carrots. You should also ensure you feed your puppy with the correct amount of chicken; too much or too little could have severe consequences for your dog’s health. Consult your vet before deciding to prepare a chicken meal for your puppies.

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