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Parakeet Tails (Grow Back, Fall Off, ReGrowth Time, Disease)

Many birds can lose their tail feathers as part of a natural process with the parakeet being no exception. Many […]

Safe Fruit for Bearded Dragons (Grapes to Apples Checked)

Bearded dragons kept as pets need a varied diet to help keep them healthy and fruit is one area where […]

What Snakes Do at Night? (Revealed)

Snakes have fascinating habits, contrary to other reptiles. Some are active during the day, while others come out at night, […]

Bearded Dragon Diet (Carrots and Celery checked)

Bearded dragons are omnivores and are known to feed on vegetables, insects, and fruits. However, just like dogs and cats, […]

Bearded Dragon Too Hot? (Overheating Warning Signs)

Bearded dragons are cold-blooded pets. However, to perform vital functions such as digestion, they need to be warm. If in […]

Bearded Dragons Drink Water? (A to Z)

Water is very important for all living creatures. The lack of water for your pets can have dire consequences. Therefore, […]

Bearded Dragon Diet (Insects, Vegetables checked out)

In the wild, bearded dragons have a variety of insect prey. Adding these varieties to your pet’s diet while in […]

Bearded Dragon Diet (Potatoes, Lavender Flowers checked)

One of the main factors to consider when caring for your bearded dragon is the type of food you provide, […]

Bearded Dragon (Gulping, Gasping, Popping, Choking, Gagging)

Bearded dragons are a great choice when considering a reptile as a pet. They can be easy to look after […]

Bearded Dragons Hearing (Sounds they can hear)

Most pet owners like talking to their pets to bond with them. When it comes to bearded dragons, you may […]

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