Can Two Corn Snakes Live Together? (Shocking Facts)

For people who own more than one corn snake, keeping the snakes together might seem like the best thing to do to cut costs. Apart from cost saving, many people also think that keeping their corn snakes together will prevent them from getting lonely or bored. Considering that corn snakes are naturally asocial reptiles, we find it crucial to examine whether it is wise to keep two corn snakes together.

So, can two corn snakes live together? It is not advisable to keep two corn snakes together, although some people house them together. Corn snakes can be cannibalistic reptiles at times. Therefore, if two corn snakes live together, one might eat or harm the other. Additionally, keeping two corn snakes together can lead to stress, aggression, and the spread of diseases.

If you own two corn snakes and wonder whether you should house them together, allow this guide to explain why the general rule is, “corn snakes should be kept separately.” Even though some corn snake owners might say that their corn snakes have lived together for years without difficulties, this guide will shed light on why many problems can arise from keeping two corn snakes together. Read on to find out more about why it is unadvisable to keep two corn snakes together.

Do Corn Snakes Fight Each Other?

Naturally, corn snakes are shy when on their own, but what happens when they are housed together? In such a situation, do corn snakes fight each other? When housed together, corn snakes can turn aggressive and fight each other in various circumstances.

So, do corn snakes fight each other? Corn snakes fight over food when in the same enclosure because of their different natural responses. In the wild, each corn snake has access to its food, so there is rarely the need to fight over a meal. On the other hand, when you feed two corn snakes together, they fight over the food because they are in direct competition. When a fight occurs between two corn snakes during mealtime, the losing snake loses the meal to the winning snake.

When corn snakes are put in the same enclosure, they might also fight because they are naturally territorial and asocial reptiles. In the wild, corn snakes have different territories and live alone. There, they usually secure their territories without having to fight each other. Only when two snakes come into close proximity with each other in one territory will they fight in the wild.

Female corn snakes can fight each other, and male corn snakes can also fight each other. However, there are some notable differences between males and females. For example, two male corn snakes are bound to fight more often than two female corn snakes.

Male corn snakes mostly fight with each other to secure dominance and because of food. The moment two male corn snakes find themselves near each other, they are bound to begin fighting. It is important to note that male and female corn snakes can also fight each other.

Do Corn Snakes Get Lonely?

Snakes are a solitary species, who only come together for mating purposes.

So, do corn snakes experience loneliness? Corn snakes are not social animals; therefore, they do not get lonely. In the wild they do not live in groups and instead lead a solitary life. Owners thinking of housing two corn snakes together because they think that they might get lonely if housed separately, should know that they will not get lonely or need a friend.

Nonetheless, even though research indicates that corn snakes do not get lonely, you can do some things to keep your snake happy. By making sure your corn snake has a fantastic home and some things to explore, you can keep them happy.

Below are some ideas to help you ensure your corn snake remains happy:

  • Keep your corn snake in an enclosure that provides it with enough room to play or move around. You might need an enclosure that is approximately a 20-gallon tank. Remember, the bigger the enclosure, the more your snake thrives.
  • It would also be a wise idea for you to try and replicate the snake’s natural habitat. For example, you can try using as much plant coverage as possible and providing the snake with many hiding places.

If corn snakes can fight each other and do not get lonely, “can two corn snakes live together?”.

Can You Put Two Snakes Together?

Wild corn snakes are used to living, hunting, eating, and even sleeping alone. Generally, corn snakes do not enjoy each other’s company.

So, can you put two snakes together? It is not advisable to put two corn snakes together. It is better to avoid putting snakes together because of the several negative potential outcomes associated with housing snakes together like cannibalism, aggression to stress.

Some corn snake owners claim that they have housed their corn snakes for years without experiencing problems. Most decide to house snakes together to keep costs down. For example, they feel that keeping the snakes in separate enclosures means investing more in purchasing or building enclosures and cleaning them out.

However, before deciding whether to keep your snakes together based on what other snake owners claim, it is wise you consider what snakes prefer or what is best for them. You also need to ask yourself, “what are the possible outcomes of keeping two corn snakes together?”

Some of the possible outcomes of keeping two snakes together include;

  • Cannibalism
  • Spread of diseases
  • Aggression
  • Stress


It is not common for corn snakes to eat each other, but it can happen. Like any other living creature, corn snakes need to feed to survive. Therefore, when a corn snake feels hungry, it can turn into an opportunistic cannibal. When housed together with another corn snake, a hungry corn snake might eat the other to survive.

You have a chance of minimizing the risk of cannibalism if you house two snakes of the same age or female snakes. Nonetheless, even when you do that, keep in mind that there are risks involved.

Spread of Diseases

Corn snakes can easily collect and spread diseases to each other. Therefore, if you decide to house two snakes together, this is an issue you might have to deal with often.


As you might have already learned, corn snakes are only shy and not temperamental when alone. Once they are confined somewhere with another corn snake, they may become aggressive. Aggressive behavior between your two corn snakes could have devastating effects. For example, one snake might kill the other. Also, if one snake keeps losing fights during mealtime, it might become ill because of starvation or even die. Generally, the bully snake will dominate the other.


Since corn snakes are not social creatures that feel comfortable living with each other, putting two of them in one enclosure might stress them. It is easy for snakes to avoid each other in the wild, but it becomes almost impossible for them to avoid each other when placed in one enclosure. A stressed corn snake is not a happy snake, nor is it a healthy snake.

Two Corn Snakes Can’t Live Together

It is understandable if you want to save costs by putting your two corn snakes in one enclosure. It is not only expensive to get two enclosures, but it is also expensive to maintain them. However, even if it is crucial to think about your finances, it is also essential to think about your snakes’ well-being.

Consequently, before deciding whether to house your two corn snakes in one enclosure, think carefully about the overall possible outcomes of the options you have. Whatever your decision, ensure it comes after careful consideration of everything discussed above.

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