How Much Does a Hissing Cockroach Cost? Best Buy Advice

It is very fulfilling to be an insect pet owner, especially when the insects are hissing cockroaches. Given the many benefits that come with keeping them as pets, many people wish to get the best advice on how to go about purchasing them. You would want to get them at the right place and the right price.

So how much does a hissing cockroach cost? Typically, hissing cockroaches go for $2-$10 each, depending on where you buy them. You can purchase them physically or at an online store as long as the breeder is reputable. There are also so many factors to consider before purchasing these pets; these factors will also determine their cost. Consider the size, sex, numbers, the complementary care items, and the method of purchase.

Once you have decided that you want to have these fantastic creatures, the next step is to purchase them. This article will give you the best advice on all matters of insect purchase. Read the coming chapters to learn all you need to know about purchasing the hissing cockroaches.

Where Can You Buy Hissing Cockroaches?

Many insect lovers are slowly inclining towards the hissing roaches; hence, so many breeders find the business highly lucrative. Unlike the normal house roaches, they are cleaner and safer to keep as pets, but you have to purchase them from a trusted dealer.

So where can you buy hissing cockroaches? Based on your shopping preference, you can go for an online breeder or buy them at a retail store. Similarly, you can check at a pet shop, web shop, or a local breeder/ hobbyist. However, in other countries, you can find them in their natural homes. Usually, the hisser costs around $2-$10 a piece depending on so many factors.

Some buyers prefer buying them in person so that they can closely examine them before purchase. You need to confirm that they are all in the right physical state before you take them home. You also need to pick the ones you fancy personally.

On the other hand, you can still find a reputable online store breeder. If so, you may have to be keen on their reviews and carefully look at the pictures before you decide to purchase them.

Also, you have to be careful about the method of transportation to ensure that they arrive safe and sound. However, it may get tricky with online shipping since you will have to rely on their safety measures, hoping that they arrive alive.

You also need to consider your location and the weather before you decide. Since the insects are living creatures, they may find trouble adjusting quickly to transportation over long distances and the weather changes. Some people even lament that some of their pets arrived dead, with missing body parts, or appeared sluggish. So it would help if you were keen on deciding the best purchase and shipping method.

Considerations When Buying a Hissing Cockroach

There are certain factors to consider before making the bold move to own a pet insect like the hissing cockroach. You would want to get healthy pets and get them at your preferred size to suit your needs. The following is a checklist to guide you in making this critical decision.

Nature and Appearance

Perhaps an essential factor to look out for is the insect itself. Ask your seller the insect’s origin, whether it is a bred captive or captured from nature. If it is from the wild, taking care of it may be an uphill task compared to when it is bred from the get-go. The natural insects are used to nature, so they may need a while to adjust to the enclosure set up.

The insects’ age is also crucial. If you want a long-living insect, it would be best to get a nymph or a young roach; the older insects may soon die of old age and may not be very active. Lastly, confirm their physical state; check the limbs, antennae, and exoskeleton, but the good thing is most insects can regenerate after a while.

When you are buying them in person, it is also essential to confirm how they live. If they were previously well-kept, then taking care of them would be an easier task. Moreover, it gives you a general idea of the best way to look after them to provide an environment that they already know.

Another crucial factor to consider is whether you or your loved one is in any way allergic to the hissers. Other people are allergic to certain insects and some to the fungi or molds you are likely to find on their exoskeleton. If so, then you can go for a different insect or a different species.

Colony Size

Some pet owners would go for a colony while others prefer keeping a solitary insect; both have their advantages and disadvantages. The most preferred minimum number to start a colony is ten insects (nymphs), but you can always go for more if you wish. The nymphs will slowly grow and establish an entire community on their own.

Similarly, you can still start a family with adult insects, but you will have to balance the sex. For each male, you can have four females; this will help the mating and reduce the competition.

Always be keen when purchasing them since it may be tasking to tell apart their sexes. You may ask your breeder to help or go online to check the images and confirm for yourself. We highly recommend going for a colony, since it is necessary for the replacement of the population. With a single insect or just a few, you may lose them to diseases or die of old age. Besides, it is fulfilling to watch them as they breed and grow all year round.

Complementary Items

Some retailers provide you with a starter kit to get you started on your journey as an insect pet owner for more monetary value. By so doing, they save you the hassle of buying these essential items separately. We also recommend this option since it saves you time and money. Therefore, even when you are a first-time keeper, you have a kick start.

These complementary products include an enclosure, food and water dishes, spray bottle, de-chlorinator, starter food, and hiding and climbing items for the enclosure. You can ask your retailer whether they provide these items or purchase them separately with your pets. All these items are necessary to have even before you buy the roaches, so it would be best to have them in your budget.


The decision to keep a pet is a massive step for any individual and their friends and family. It takes dedication to take care of them as you strive to keep them alive. Therefore, you need to be cautious when purchasing one.

When it comes to incredible yet sensitive creatures like the hissers, you would want to buy them from a reputable breeder and still get value for your money. You can opt for an online shop or buy one from a pet shop. Generally, they would cost you up to $10, depending on various factors.

Your decision will also be guided by how many of them you want and their nature. You will also have to bear in mind that there are certain items that you need to purchase alongside the insects, such as their shelter and food. It would be best to consider whether you would provide them with the best living environment for them to live and breed.

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