Bearded Dragons and Blankets (Shocking Facts)

Bearded Dragons are cold-blooded animals that are well adapted to monitoring their body temperatures. With the adoption of bearded dragons as pets, it’s quite confusing to determine whether they like pampering, like cats and dogs, or not. We sought to find out whether bearded dragons love blankets.

So, do bearded dragons love blankets? It’s one thing for a bearded dragon to love to cuddle and another to love a blanket. Contrary to common belief, these spiky companions love soft things, and it’s not uncommon to find them feeling comfortable when placed on a blanket. However, the vast majority of users use blankets solely when lifting or cuddling their bearded dragon. It’s worth noting that bearded dragons are reptiles, and since they are cold-blooded creatures, they tend to adapt to room temperature to maintain an optimal body temperature. For this reason, blankets should only be used to comfort a bearded dragon and not keep it warm.

Understanding how a bearded dragon’s body works (including its physiological process) is important in ensuring that it remains comfortable always. While simple things such as a blanket can cause irrevocable harm to a bearded dragon, an owner needs to know what to use and avoid.

When Autumn edges closer to winter, and the temperatures begin to fall drastically, as a bearded dragon owner, you need to think about ensuring that your pet is kept warm and comfortable. Since bearded dragons are naturally from hot and dry areas, getting accustomed to cold winters can be a daunting task.

A bearded dragon won’t require any extra heat in the form of a blanket as long as their background temperature is below 80s Fahrenheit without exceeding 105s Fahrenheit. With such temperature rage, the lizard will comfortably monitor its body temperature and regulate it accordingly. Therefore, it all boils down to the climate of the location that you live.

Additionally, it will depend on how cold or hot your house gets at night. As mentioned before, bearded dragons are natives of the arid and semi-arid regions of Australia. Due to this, they are used to soaking up sunlight during the day as they bask in the sunlight on top of a rock or a branch. When night falls, they will often find a suitable shelter to keep their bodies warm.

Normally, the temperature can fall below the 70s in the wild. With these reptiles being able to adapt to such temperatures in the wild, you might not necessarily have to cover your bearded dragon during the night. With the temperature gradient playing a significant role in a bearded dragon’s natural setting, it’s equally important to provide such for your pet dragon.

Since a bearded Dragon’s natural habitat will often cool down during the night, it’s equally paramount to ensure that your bearded dragon has such considerably low temperatures. It does not mean that you should let your bearded dragon freeze at night. However, it also doesn’t mean that you should cover your bearded dragon with a blanket.

Can I Put a Blanket Over My Bearded Dragons Cage?

It’s no secret that giving your companion the best accommodation is of utmost importance for any pet owner. However, determining the best cage conditions for ensuring that your bearded dragon remains comfortable is critical to ensuring that it remains comfortable when it comes to a bearded dragon. When it comes to ensuring that your bearded dragon remains warm at night, owners are mostly conflicted about whether they should put a blanket over their cage to keep their lizards warm.

So, can I put a blanket over my bearded dragon’s cage? You should only place a blanket on your lizard’s cage when you want to create the bearded dragon’s optimum conditions. This can mean either to ensure that the cage gets a feel of the night condition that is expected of their natural habitats or to develop ideal temperature conditions for the bearded dragon to thrive.

Placing a blanket over your bearded dragon’s cage can be due to two things. First is whether you want to keep off light from the cage, and secondly, when you want to keep the cage warm for your bearded dragon. Regardless, it’s essential to keep in mind that bearded dragons are nocturnal, and due to this, they can adapt well to light and temperature.

Should I Cover a Bearded Dragon’s Cage at Night?

First-time eared Dragon owners are quite curious about whether their beloved pets require light at night in order to sleep comfortably. Since they are nocturnal animals, it’s quite difficult to determine whether they require light at night to pace around. This leaves them undecided as to whether they should cover their dragon’s cage at night.

So, should I cover a bearded dragon’s cage during the night? If you cover the bearded dragon’s cage during the night to make it dark, this is a good idea. Ensuring that your bearded dragon cage is dark by covering it with a blanket will be doing a lot of good to have a completely dark resting place at night where it can relax. However, if you cover the cage to increase its temperature, that will be a bad idea. Remember that this lizard is a nocturnal animal and it’s used to sleeping in extremely cold environments in the desert during the night.

Always Consider Their Original Habitat

When considering the amount of light that your bearded dragon will require, it’s imperative to ensure that you consider their original habitat. Ideally, this means that you should prioritize the expansive Australian desert, with hot sunny days and shorter nights that are mainly cold.

Therefore, as a pet owner, you should give your bearded dragon a homely environment that fits its natural habitat. This includes an evolutionary design that is similar to the lighting conditions of the desert environment. Due to this, it’s imperative to ensure that you provide great light conditions during the day.

Since your pet will most likely be in a cage, the chances are that the amount of light reaching your bearded dragon will be minimal. It’s for this reason that you will need to supplement the light during the day.

It’s a different story altogether when it comes to night time. Not only will your pet need a beautiful sleep, but the lighting conditions in your house should be optimal as well. As a rule of thumb, a bearded dragon won’t be able to sleep at all when there’s a lot of light in its cage. Again, try to think of their natural habitat where it’s pitch dark in the desert under a rock or in the woodlands.

Ultimately, the amount of light in your bearded dragon’s cage will have to mirror that of its natural habitat; therefore, it needs to be dark. Covering your bearded dragon’s cage with a blanket at night to control the amount of light is an awesome idea. However, it’s not a good idea if you are looking to keep your pet warm.


Knowing what’s best for your bearded dragon is imperative to making it comfortable. When it comes to keeping your lizard warm and lighting its cage, always think of its natural habitat. Knowing how it adapts to its natural habitat will give you a better understanding of what your pet lizard wants to remain comfortable.

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