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Bearded Dragon Smartness and Emotions (Checked Out)

Bearded dragons are cute and exciting pets with numerous body language. In fact, there are several pictures on the internet […]

Bearded Dragon Diet (Broccoli, dandelion & greens checked)

It’s no secret that vegetables play an integral role in your bearded dragon’s diet. However, the wrong vegetables can do […]

Bearded Dragons Licking and Digging (Checked out)

Bearded dragons are known for their fascinating behaviors, and licking is one of them. When it comes to your pet, […]

How Long Will Corn Snakes Go Without Eating? (In Detail)

Food is important in ensuring our pets stay healthy. Snakes are known to have the ability to stay a long […]

How To Make an Ant Farm With a Fish Tank? (Briefly Discussed)

Ants can make amazing pets; they build detailed homes with numerous tunnels, and an ant farm is a great way […]

5 Ways To Tell If Your Bearded Dragon Likes You

Every pet owner’s intention is for their pets to love, trust, and bond with them. The good news is that […]

Bearded Dragon Sleep (Length, Times, Eyes Closed or Open)

Owning a pet requires care and attention to ensure that they grow healthy, happy, and strong. For a bearded dragon, […]

Bearded Dragon Bonding (Cuddling, holding, getting attached)

It is easy to get your cat or dog to cuddle with you on the couch or bed. For reptiles, […]

Turtle Tank Sharing? (Fish, Snails, Shrimp checked)

Turtles make good pets, and if you wish to keep one for a long time, you have to take good […]

Turtle Sleep Patterns (Eyes open, closed, health issues)

Sleep is vital for all animals, including turtles, and if they don’t get adequate sleep, their body systems shut down, […]

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