Dog Not Listening? (Nose and mouth discipline reviewed)

Dogs are amazing pets, but it can be very frustrating when they do not listen to your command. It can also be dangerous if you have guests in your home or walking the dog in public. In addition to training your dog to behave well, you have to discipline it whenever it refuses to obey your commands.

So, how do you discipline a dog that won’t listen? Constructive punishment is the best way to discipline a dog that will not listen to you. Constructive punishment helps your dog understand what behavior is allowed and what is not allowed. You can give your dog time-outs whenever they engage in bad behavior.

You can also use body language to stop your dog from doing something bad. Taking your dog’s toys also works as a punishment for bad behavior. You can use your established negative reinforcement techniques to establish that the action is wrong.

Sometimes, dogs misbehave, and you need to find ways to discourage them from engaging in bad behavior. Therefore, if you want to know how to discipline your dog, this is the guide for you. Read on to know if smacking a dog on the nose will hurt them, if it Is OK to hold a dog’s mouth shut, if a dog can breathe if you hold its mouth shut, and if it is bad to grab a dog’s snout.

There are different ways to discipline your dog. One popular way of disciplining a dog that has been going on for years is hitting it on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper. However, does it hurt them?

Smacking your dog on the nose does hurt if you use a hard object and apply a lot of strength. Hitting is a painful method that some people use to discipline their dog, but researchers believe it is risky and has negative effects.

Hitting your dog on the nose can increase stress and might increase your dog’s aggression. You might also lose your dog’s trust, and it will stop obeying your commands.

If you hit your dog on the nose during its formative years, you might affect how it interacts with you and other people in the future. Constantly smacking your puppy on the nose will make it develop an aversion to hands. As an adult, your dog will become aggressive whenever someone tries to touch it.

Most children love dogs, and you might be in trouble if your dog bites a child who tried to pet it. If you want to discipline your dog, you should find other ways because hitting it on the nose will cost you in the future.

Is it OK To Hold a Dog’s Mouth Shut?

Some dogs are very energetic and will bark for hours, which will bring complaints from your neighbors. You might have read it on the internet or heard someone say that holding your dog’s mouth shut helps control it, and you might be asking if it is the right thing to do.

It is not okay to hold your dog’s mouth shut because shutting its mouth is not a good way to communicate with it. Dogs use their muzzle to communicate with other dogs and redirect them from undesirable behaviors.

Some people suggest that if your dog does not stop barking, you should grab its muzzle and shut it. Trying to use the same body language as your dog will not work, and your dog will not understand what you are trying to do. Some dogs react by pulling away from your hand, while others will try to bite your hand.

Shutting your dog’s mouth can also lead to nipping because your dog believes hands are bad. Dogs protect themselves from harm by biting, and when you constantly shut their mouth using your hand, they learn that hands are bad.

If someone tries to pet your dog, it will automatically think that they are trying to shut its mouth and bite on nip the hand. You should avoid holding your dog’s mouth shut, especially during its formative years. It might take a lot of time, energy, and money to correct the bad behavior.

Can a Dog Breath if You Hold Its Mouth Shut?

Some people suggest that you should hold your dog’s mouth shut during training to stop it from biting you. However, will it be able to breathe if you hold its mouth shut?

A dog breathes through its nose, and it will still breathe when you hold its mouth shut. However, when it is hot, dogs usually pant to help them cool their bodies down. Panting allows them to inhale humidity and exhale air, increasing water evaporation in the lungs cooling the body from the inside. If you hold your dog’s mouth during hot days, you might deny it the chance to cool down.

Panting is also a way of showing your dog is happy and energetic; therefore, you should not hold its mouth shut. Excessive or heavy panting can also mean your dog is sick, stressed suffering from heatstroke. If you think your dog has been panting for too long, consult your vet immediately.

Is it Bad To Grab Your Dog’s Mouth?

Communication between an owner and their dog is key in developing a perfect relationship. Dogs can respond to both verbal and non-verbal communication. However, you have to be careful about how you use non-verbal communication to command your dog.

It is bad to grab your dog’s snout because they find it unpleasant and stressful. Some people think that grabbing your dog’s mouth is a way of greeting it. There are videos of people on the internet doing it, and the most popular one is the 2020 US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg grabbing and shaking a dog’s mouth.

Since the dog did not show any visible reactions, some people think it is okay to grab their dog’s mouth; however, it is not. Some dogs will resort to biting if you continue grabbing their mouth frequently. If you want to interact with your dog physically, you can pet its head or rub its back.


There are many ways to discipline your dog, and most people are leaning towards the non-painful method. Research also shows that hitting your dog as a mode of punishment or discipline is ineffective and can exacerbate bad behavior.

Dogs use muzzle grabbing to communicate with each other, but it does not bring the same results when humans do it. If you want your dog to behave well, use constructive punishment as a way of instilling discipline. If you are having difficulty disciplining your dog, you can consult a professional dog trainer for help.

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