Do Crocodiles Eat Snakes? (Shocking)

The crocodile is one of the deadliest reptiles on the planet, known for its tough skin, muscular tail, and sharp teeth. Due to these features, the animal has secured a safe spot at the top of the food chain with so many other animals on its dietary list. We aim to determine whether the snake is also vulnerable to attacks by the crocodile.

So, do crocodiles eat snakes? Crocodiles can eat various animals, including snakes. As carnivorous animals, their primary diet comprises mammals and even members of the reptile family. They eat most fleshy animals that come their way, especially if they are slower or smaller. Therefore, it is common to find the crocodile feasting on snake flesh as long as it is an easy target. However, there are instances where the crocodile faces a more prominent, deadlier snake. In this case, the snake can use its tactics to kill the crocodile.

We wish to find out what happens when a crocodile and a snake meet; who falls prey to the other? We also expound on the diet of these two reptiles. Read on as we give you the shocking details of the crocodile vs the snake.

Do Crocodiles Eat Snakes?

Both the snake and the crocodile are among the deadliest reptiles in the world. With great strength and excellent hunting skills, they can efficiently attack, kill and eat their prey. Since the two are almost equal in their hunting prowess, one may wonder what happens when the snake and the crocodile clash.

So, do crocodiles eat snakes? The crocodile can eat the snake, especially when it is smaller, unsuspecting, and an easy kill. They take advantage of the smaller snakes which are not likely to put up a fight. It implies that it depends on the sizes and strength of the two reptiles. If the crocodile is bigger, then it is easy for the snake to become its prey. Otherwise, if the snake is more deadly, then the crocodile must put up a fight to survive.

As the crocodile grows large and more formidable, its diet also gradually changes since it can feast on larger animals. Their jaws and tails become more robust, and their hunting skills also improve. Thus, while small crocodiles attack small animals, the larger ones can easily hunt down more giant creatures like big snakes; it is all matter of strength and wit.

One advantage that the crocodile has over the snake is that it has limbs, a muscular tail, and a sharp jaw that can easily split flesh. So, when the crocodile uses these factors to its advantage, it can quickly kill and devour the snake.

What Do Crocodiles Eat?

It is so easy to isolate the crocodile among the reptile family. They are massive creatures that prefer to live and feed in aquatic environments, and most consider them among the most powerful creatures of the animal kingdom. Given the incredible strength of its tail and jaw, it is easy for it to hunt.

So, what do crocodiles eat? The crocodile’s diet consists of animal flesh because it is a carnivorous reptile. Since it mostly lives in aquatic environments, its most common meal is the fish. However, it can also eat humans and other animals like birds, mammals, and reptiles, as long as they are close. They easily down smaller and weaker animals, but they can hunt down and kill large animals due to their incredible strength. The crocodile is such a good hunter that most experts state that they are one of the major causes of wild animal deaths globally.

Generally, the crocodiles are not picky with what they eat, their diet ranges from small fish to large mammals. Thanks to their patience and strength, they are almost always successful in their missions. Experts refer to them as opportunistic feeders, meaning that they always take advantage of the slightest opportunity available. They closely monitor their prey to ensure that they succeed in their hunt.

Once they get a large meal like a zebra, they can go days without eating again. Therefore, you may notice that the crocodile gets less active as it waits for the meal to digest fully. The crocodiles, especially the younger ones, take advantage of the animals that come close to their habitats. Also, in dire situations where the food is scarce, it is common to find the crocodiles resorting to eating other crocodiles; this way, only the strong survive awaiting the next meal.

One advantage is that the crocodile has an armor-like skin that helps protect it from predators. This feature also comes in handy during attacks. Another impressive crocodile skill is stealth swimming, enabling it to move effortlessly with just its eyes emerging from the water surface.

Thus, most preys are unaware of their presence until it’s too late. They also have a powerful bite, so it is almost impossible to escape their grip. Once the grip is firm and secure, it twists its hard body and uses the tail as extra support.

Another tactic is to take its prey deeper into the water, especially when the animal is from the land. As poor swimmers, it is easy for the crocodile to drown them and kill them in the process. Therefore, even when the animal is as large as a buffalo, the crocodile can easily overpower it.

Can a Snake Kill a Crocodile?

Just like the crocodile, the snake is a powerful reptile, depending on its size. However, there are other small snakes whose bite is lethal. The snake is carnivorous too, so its meals comprise fleshy animals including other reptiles. However, the main question is whether the crocodile is among the snake’s prey.

So, can a snake kill a crocodile? Although uncommon, the snake can feast on a crocodile, especially when the crocodile is small or if the snake is as robust as a python. It is unusual and risky for the snake to feast on a crocodile, but they find it rewarding if successful. The crocodile is a large fleshy animal, so it takes longer for the snake to digest it. Hence, if successful, the snake may not need more food for a while, in fact for nearly two months.

Since snakes can eat 75-100% of their body size, it is easy for a large snake to devour a crocodile. In their natural set up, you can find these two animals in a heated brawl, especially if they are almost equal in size; this way, it is not a one-sided hunt. Given that they are both powerful creatures, the victory can go either way as the loser falls prey to the other.

If the snake attacks the neck or surrounds itself tightly at the jaw, it has a greater chance of succeeding and consequently escaping the croc’s bite. Otherwise, the crocodile can easily snap the snake’s flesh and cause severe damage, giving it an upper hand. It is such confrontations that make it usual to find a snake with bite marks from the crocodile. While the snake’s strength lies in suffocation, it is the crocodile’s bite that is lethal.


Typically, the snake and the crocodile are equally strong and deadly. The two are also similar in terms of their dietary choices, given that they are both carnivorous. Similarly, they are both opportunistic hunters who take advantage of weak unsuspecting prey. Once they have a firm grip on their victims, there is very little chance of escape.

Therefore, when these two majestic creatures clash, it becomes difficult to predict who will come out alive. They can be predators or preys depending on their strengths, so it is just a matter of who is bigger and stronger. There is no predetermined winner or loser, since it can go either way.

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