5 Ways To Tell If Your Bearded Dragon Likes You

Every pet owner’s intention is for their pets to love, trust, and bond with them. The good news is that bearded dragons are one of the most affectionate reptiles you can keep as pets. As a bearded dragon owner, you may wish to know your pet’s indicators that they are happy and comfortable when around you.

So, what are the 5 ways to tell if your bearded dragon likes you? Your bearded lizard will show they like you by

  • closing their eyes when you pet them,
  • moving towards you,
  • lightly licking you,
  • pressing against you, and
  • generally relaxing when you are near.

These actions will show that they don’t see you as a threat, and they trust that you won’t hurt them. It also means that they recognize you and they are fond of your presence. Therefore, you can always tell whether they like you by observing their body language.

It is essential to know the relationship between you and your pet. Hence, we give you the signs to help you tell whether they like you or not. We also highlight whether it is possible for them to get attached to you and how long it would take for them to like you. The coming sections will delve into these and more details.

How Do You Know If Your Bearded Dragon Trusts You?

How your bearded dragon behaves around you will show how much they trust you; this is one of the perks of being a pet owner. The more they trust you, the happier they will get whenever you are around. We give you five indicators that show that your bearded dragon likes you.

So, how do you know if your bearded dragon trusts you? If your bearded dragon trusts you, they will close their eyes when you pet them. They will always keep their eyes open whenever they are looking out for predators and will only close their eyes if they feel safe. Thus, if they completely trust you, they will have no fear about their safety.

Otherwise, if they are still skeptical about you, they will always remain alert if they need to protect themselves from you. So, if your pets can close their eyes when you pet them, they completely trust you.

Secondly, your pets will show that they like you by rubbing against you. Most humans and pets show affection by initiating cuddling, the same as lizards. It is so unlikely for your pet to cuddle with you if they consider you a threat. Whenever they snuggle up to you, see it as a sign of utmost affection.

Similarly, your beardie could try to cuddle to obtain your body heat if they feel cold. Moreover, if your pet is fond of you, they may see you as a source of safety or food providence. So, whenever they perceive your scent, they will be comfortable with you.

Your beardies’ body language may also indicate how they feel about you. At first, they will stiffen up when you try to hold them due to fear of a new presence. However, with time, you will notice general muscle relaxation as you pick and pet them. Also, if you handle them the wrong way, they may stiffen their muscle to show discomfort. Since the captivity set up is a different environment altogether, they may take a while to adjust to having an owner. Even if you handle them carefully, they may still be uneasy at first since they view the act as an attack. As soon as they start liking you, they will associate your presence with food or water, so they will relax when you touch or pick them up.

Any pet owner knows the joy of having their pets coming towards them. If your beardie comes in your direction, then it is a clear indication that they like you. You will frequently notice this behavior with time as they become fond of you. You can also train them to do so when you want to pet them. On the contrary, you will notice that they will try to stay very far from you. Thus, if your pet moves in your direction, see it as a show of affection.

Lastly, as seen with dogs, some pets show that they like you by licking you. For a bearded dragon, some owners notice light licking or licking of the surrounding air. The bearded dragon is an intelligent animal able to perceive and note its owner’s smell. Therefore, when they become fond of you, they will recognize your scent. Although this is rare, it is one way that your beardie will communicate that it likes you and your smell.

Do Bearded Dragons Get Attached To Their Owners?

As a pet owner, you heavily invest in your pets, so you would love for them to love and trust you. One way to check is to see whether they are attached to you. We aim to find out whether it is possible for your beardie to feel connected to you.

A bearded dragon can identify its owner’s voice, sound, and touch. Therefore, with time, they can get connected to their handlers. It also helps that these reptiles are usually docile, so it is easy to establish a close relationship. They are friendly with almost everyone, so with time, they can become attached to their owners. As long as you care for them, they become comfortable and eventually get used to your presence.

How Long Does It Take for a Bearded Dragon To Like You?

You may have recently obtained your pet and you’re wondering how long it would take for them to trust you completely. It helps that the reptiles are naturally brilliant pets, so you need not worry that it will take a long time for them to like you.

The time your pet bearded dragon spends to like you depends on their age and the particular pet. For instance, it takes longer to tame an adult lizard than a baby lizard. It may take up to three months for an adult but shorter for a baby beardie since they are generally very skittish. However, the pet’s friendliness primarily depends on their character. Friendlier pets will be easier to pet; it may take just a few weeks for them to like you.

Most importantly, getting your pet to like you requires patience, care, and routine. When you put a lot of time to get them to like you, they will eventually trust you. Also, if they see that you care for them, they will become fond of you. Lastly, if you establish a routine, your pet will also adjust to it, so they will know when it is time for petting, feeding, or bathing.


Pets are great companions. Therefore, any pet owner wants their pet to feel comfortable when they are present. If you own a reptile, especially a bearded dragon, you will notice that they are generally friendly creatures; thus, it is easy for them to like you. You may notice that they will move towards you when you pet them and try to cuddle up to you. You may also notice that they will have their eyes closed when you touch them, and you may see them sticking out their tongue when you are close.

Moreover, they may give your hands a light lick when you touch them. If you are patient, your little friend will eventually show affection to you and get attached. It may take weeks or months, but still, we assure you that these magnificent creatures are friendly, so they will eventually like you and show it.

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